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Give the perfect Favor or Gift from Vessel Brooklyn

Vessel Brooklyn gifts are small batch productions, full of the most remarkable objects. The vessels, and their contents, are treasures in themselves, meant to be reused or repurposed, always thoughtful, elegant, and full of whimsy.

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Cameo Vessel

The smallest vessel, the diverse cameo, is the best way to reach multiple loved ones. A custom take-away, favor, or daily treasure, the cameo can be simple, extravagant, or anywhere in between.

Order the Cameo Vessel ⋮ SALE $39.99 NOW $31.97


An artfully curated collection makes the loveliest of "ready-to-wear" gifts. Each Pret-a-Porter Vessel is limited edition, small batch, and evolves seasonally to include the most remarkable items.

Order the Pret-a-Porter ⋮ $89.95


The first tier of true customization, the Sol-Fleur is uniquely crafted for each recipient. Each Vessel includes carefully selected items, beautifully paired with thoughtful, personal details.

Order the Sol-Fleur⋮ $150

Opaline Vessel

The enchanting Opaline is an unforgettable gift, sure to elicit a magical response, by taking the depth of customization to the next level. This one-of-a-kind gift will be treasured always.

Order the Opaline ⋮ $250

Millefiori Vessel

A genuine treasure trove, the Millefiori is the ultimate in customization. The vessel contains an abundance of beautiful gifts, with the option of material items, planned experiences, or a combination of the two. Brimming with personalized details, every Millefiori is singular, elegant, and simply extraordinary.

Order the Millefiori ⋮ $450