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Millefiori Vessel Millefiori Vessel

Millefiori Vessel

$ 450.00

This set is a tour-de-force of gifting, and each aspect is thoroughly considered through a collaborative selection process. Vessel Brooklyn provides a 1 hour in-person consultation, and will create an online inspiration board for your gifting experience.

An additional phone or email consultation is included to make final selections, which include the option of an experiential gift, rather than material items, such as a planned weekend getaway or perfect romantic date night. While every Millefiori gift set is completely customized, and the image shown is a representative sample, each includes:

- Custom Gift Questionnaire

- 1 One Hour in-person Consultation

- Inspiration board accessible to client online

- 3 Revisions*

- Coordinated vessel, artfully wrapped and packaged

- 1 garden element, such as a dried floral arrangement or succulent (fresh flowers can be included in local deliveries only)

- 1 item that references your recipient's favorite artist, musician, or author

-  1piece by a Vessel Brooklyn featured artist

- 1 one-of-a-kind custom gift, such as engraved jewelry or a commissioned art work
- 1 special Vessel Brooklyn branded gift, either seasonal or limited edition

- option to substitute a planned experience rather than materials gifts

Note: All of our curated gift sets include a handwritten note. 

*3 revisions included:  Vessel Brooklyn will collaborate with you on three revisions to be made to your gifts's contents, or your experiential gift, after your Custom Gift Questionnaire has been received, and your 1 in-person consultation and inspiration board have been completed. Based on your feedback, the curator will coordinate three "drafts" of your gift set to be reviewed with you. After the third draft has been revised, your set will be complete, and ready for packaging and delivery.
Note: Please let us know if your recipient has any allergies or aversions to scents.
Due to the collaborative and highly specific nature of these gifts, delivery date will be agreed upon by VBK and client on a case by case basis, but please allow at least 10 days from receipt of completed questionnaire, for your order to be properly curated, completed to our standards, and ready for delivery.